The legal-technical interface connecting digital assets on the blockchain with goods and services in the material world
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Mattereum adds dispute resolution to Ocean Protocol’s distributed data marketplace
Last year Mattereum announced a partnership with Ocean Protocol to collaborate on a legal framework for rights over digital assets. Recently, we joined forces for a workshop in Berlin; this post lifts the curtain on Mattereum’s approach to integrating dispute resolution and legal enforceability into our clients’ systems.
Aug 19, 2018
Fourth Internet of Agreements conference on "Blockchain and Space" took place at Digital Catapult
On 21st June, Mattereum hosted the fourth Internet of Agreements® conference, on the subject of blockchain and space, at Digital Catapult.
Jun 21, 2018
Mattereum deploys smart contracts to enable ImpactPPA’s “energy generation as a service”
Mattereum’s smart contract expertise will help ImpactPPA roll out cheap, scalable renewable energy generation to developing countries
May 16, 2018
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A paper outlining how Mattereum implements Ricardian contracts—​smart contracts with the legal force of natural language contracts—​in a way that integrates smoothly with existing arbitral and legal frameworks. Read
An introduction to Mattereum, the team behind it, the partner network it will serve, and our long-term goals. Read
A report presented at the World Government Summit in Dubai, in collaboration with Consensys, that introduces our vision for the global Internet of Agreements, starting with Mattereum as fundamental infrastructure for the enforceability of smart contracts. Read
Partners and clients
“Ocean’s partnership with Mattereum will set a robust foundation for dispute resolution in our network. Mattereum brings deep experience in legal rights transfer and enforcement, to help Ocean users cleanly and fairly address disputes that will inevitably arise.” Trent McConaghy, Ocean CTO and Co-founder. Learn more
“Sweetbridge is proud to partner with Mattereum to ensure that the framework behind its innovative platform is legally enforceable in multiple jurisdictions. Mattereum’s innovative solution for ensuring regulatory compliance will prove critical as we support global companies conducting token crowdsales on our platform. We are delighted to join forces with Mattereum to further the development of our crowdsale platform and ensure its long-term sustainability and success.”  Sweetbridge CEO and Chairman, Scott Nelson. Learn more
InsurePal insures blockchain business transactions with peer-to-peer shared-risk insurance based on social proof. Adding Mattereum’s decentralised arbitration infrastructure, which provides dispute resolution for smart contracts, will underpin and boost the growth of the user-managed crypto-economy. Learn more
ImpactPPA is creating the SmartPPA (Power Purchase Agreement), designed to enable projects to find the funding and resources to fuel the development of decentralized renewable energy resources solutions. Mattereum will build the legal-technical infrastructure to facilitate ImpactPPA’s main goal: to solve some of the globe’s most pressing environmental issues by rolling out wind, solar, battery and microgrid technologies, tied together and coordinated with Ethereum smart contracts.

Learn more from this talk by Vinay Gupta (CEO of Mattereum) and James Young (CTO of ImpactPPA).

Mycelia aims to use smart contracts on a distributed ledger to facilitate collaborative management of intellectual property across the music industry, to ensure fair and transparent distribution of rewards. Smart contracts have the potential to allow for a seamless and equitable experience for creatives and their audiences. Listening to a song can automatically trigger an agreement for the multitude involved in the creative process, from songwriter to session musician, camera operator to graphic designer, with the many possible conduits and consumers, whether streaming services, fans, or artists who want to reuse, sample, or mash up audio, video, or any other part of a work. Learn more in our blog
A vision for global supply chains and logistics, integrating local law and regulations with the global economy, mediated by technology. Learn more on the website
The conferences bring together leading figures from business, law, media and government, as well as founders of leading startups in the space. Next conference
The EtherCam application allows users to take a photo and immediately advertise it for licensing. All payments go through Ethereum smart contracts. Get it on GooglePlay
Founded by Mattereum and InsurePal, the IIC consists of various companies and projects advocating for the research and development of solutions that approach identity as an insurable risk in transactional relationships. Learn more on the website.
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