Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta is responsible for Mattereum’s corporate strategy, vision, external communications, investor relations and reputation. He is a leading figure in the blockchain space, having co-ordinated the release of the blockchain platform Ethereum in July 2015, and was strategic architect for ConsenSys Systems, a technology hub focusing on the Ethereum blockchain and related applications.

He was the architect of the National Blockchain Strategy for Dubai and is a partner at Hexayurt Capital, the technology-focused VC firm behind the Internet of Agreements. He has been involved in commercial software development since 1992 and his experience as a programmer and visionary has covered fields as diverse as medical imaging, flight simulation, computer graphics, cryptographic applications and the web.

A Renaissance man and futurist interested in the technological transformation of society and commerce, Vinay has a strong track record of thought leadership in environmental and infrastructure risk, failing states, energy policy (with five years' residency at the Rocky Mountain Institute) and disaster management.

He was on the editorial team of ‘Small is Profitable’, the winner of the 2003 Economist Book of the Year, and has contributed to US Department of Defense research, advised Arup on urban resilience and was associate fellow at the UCl Institute for Security and Resilience.

He has long had a humanitarian concern with the condition of the poorest in society and disaster relief. He invented the cheap, simple, non-patented and open source hexayurt refugee shelter which has  gone on to become iconic in the Burning Man counter culture. In his techno-realist view, technology and engineering, including blockchain, can contribute to positive social and commercial transformation and help deal with resource scarcity.

Rob Knight

Rob Knight, an experienced entrepreneur, software engineer and architect and Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for the overall management of Mattereum, notably implementation and co-ordination of the technology. He has exceptional experience as lead manager of corporate technology projects at the Royal Mail, Post Office and ITV and designed software for management licensing for BBC Worldwide.

Educated as a software engineer at Liverpool John Moores University, Rob began his career as a web developer working primarily with Drupal and creating sites that ranged from online magazines to e-commerce stores and public sector information portals, all providing good grounding in the online needs of the corporate sector.

He was Lead Technical Architect at PRWD, the conversion rate optimisation agency, and provided consultancy services to a wide range of manufacturing businesses through the Maunfacturing Institute and to Capgemini and ITV (as part of their web re-development and pay-per-view ITV player programme).

In 2011, he became Lead Developer for CMC Markets maintaining a gobal network of websites for spread betting and CFD trading platforms before joining Vinay Gupta in the creation of Hexayurt Capital, lead sponsor of Mattereum. He is also Chief Technical Officer at Fluxus, a specialised consultancy for enterprise Drupal projects.

Over his career, he has led teams building large-scale logistics, financial regulatory compliance and intellectual property management systems. He is also an adviser to the Swiss-based non-profit Sweetbridge which sponsors the development of blockchain-based protocols and applications to transform global supply chains and is a frequent speaker and author on software development, management and blockchain technology.

Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray is Mattereum’s Chief Legal Officer. Christopher is a lawyer and mediator with particular experience in company law, intellectual property and legal project management.

He read physics and philosophy at New College, Oxford and co-founded or advised several media and technology start-ups, increasingly specialising in managing commercial agreements and intellectual property.

After studying law at City Law School, he was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2011 by Gray’s Inn. He was subsequently accredited as a civil and commercial mediator by ADR Group.

From this base of knowledge, he built an independent consultancy advising media and technology companies, handling investment negotiations, technology licensing, dispute resolution and mediation. He writes and speaks on the cognitive science of decision-making and dispute resolution. 

Christopher is committed to supporting overseas development and is a Director of the Centre for Vision in the Developing World, a community interest company which designs and manufactures low cost self-adjustable glasses for use in developing world communities without access to eye care professionals.

Ian Grigg

Ian Grigg is Mattereum’s Chief Scientist. A renowned financial cryptographer who has been active in this space since 1995, Ian is inventor of both Ricardian Contracts and triple-entry accounting.

Educated at the University of South Wales (BSc Hons, Computer Science) and the London Business School (MBA Executive), Ian went on to specialise in financial cryptography and security and risk management. He spent six  years with CAcert, the community-driven certification authority, as independent auditor, in its strategy and governance and then software development. He currently consults on P2P and has been working to develop an EOS with Dan Larimer and Block.One.

Ricardian Contracts represent the canonical design pattern for tying a legal contract to a digital asset issued over the internet and is central to the Mattereum platform. Triple entry accounting merges cryptography and bookkeeping to eliminate reconciliation and allow accounts to be shared.

Bitcoin was the first large-scale triple entry system, rightly regarded as a potentially revolutionary advance on the double entry bookkeeping first found in the accounts of the Republic of Genoa in 1340.

Ian’s primary area of continuing research is in the exploration and construction of the next generation of identity and governance systems for users and he has advised many blockchain startups on best architecture and business models.

Dr. Mihai Cimpoesu

Dr. Mihai Cimpoesu, who holds his doctorate in Computer Science, is Mattereum’s Chief Engineer and was a technical lead in the Blockchain team for Thomson Reuters.

Educated at the Universitatea Alexandra Ion Cuza, the oldest university in Romania, Dr. Cimpoesu is experienced in computer security, machine learning and blockchain architectures. He worked as an antivirus researcher with Bitdefender while still a student.

His doctoral thesis centred on applied machine learning algorithms directed at anticipating the detection of online threats. He remained with Bitdefender after leaving university, working on detecting and cleaning malware files amongst other issues, and managed two teams handling the large scale crawling system responsible for populating the clean-set of executable files and disinfection on the Windows platform.

In 2012, he moved to Amazon as part of the robot detection team and then to Iceland to join Jivaro before joining Thomson Reuters in 2015 after winning the London Fintech Week blockchain hackathon.

At Thomson Reuters, Mihai defined the architecture of distributed applications, building private Ethereum network infrastructure and coded smart contracts, and played a major role in developing Blockone ID.

In recent years, he has been an independent consultant focused entirely on blockchain related projects through his consultancy DLTLAB.

Dr. Aeron Buchanan

Dr. Aeron Buchanan, who holds his doctorate in computer vision from the Oxford University Robotics Department, is Senior Technology Advisor to Mattereum and was formerly Chief Operating Officer for the Ethereum Foundation.

Aeron’s first degree was in Engineering & Computer Science at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, and his education continued at both Oxford and Imperial College London. He subsequently worked as an algorithm designer in the special effects industry.

He has designed algorithms for UAVs and acted as a consultant to leading economists and to ecological research laboratories. He has worked with Microsoft Research in Cambridge as well as the Said Business School in Oxford, working on Suzuki’s Sustainable Accounting Project. 

Aeron is also an entrepreneur, having started technology companies building such tools as light show controllers as well as in the blockchain space.  He co-founded both Parity Technologies which operated at the cutting edge of blockchain technology for enterprise and institutional applications and Grid Singularity. He was a Director of Lancaster Logic Response and also advises the Web3 Foundation.

In 2014, he joined Ethereum as research and regulatory compliance expert, modelling blockchain systems to inform the design of stable infrastructure and explaining blockchain technology to regulators, becoming Ethereum’s Head of European Finance & Operations.

He is a leading figure within the blockchain community committed to building the consensus platform technology as a wider benefit to the overall economy and to society.